14 Travel Essentials for Your Next Getaway

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14 Travel Essentials for Your Next Getaway

You need not rough it when exploring the globe. Here are some of our top picks for things that are stylish, quality, and will make your experience in flight and at your destination all the more enjoyable.

1. Perfect Packing Bags

If you”re the carry-on type or the check-in luggage traveller, you rest assured with the Samsonite range to keep your belongings secure in a stylish case. Easy to manoeuvre, light as anything and with a built in lock, it”s our top pick. [ Get it Here] 

samsonite travel luggage


2. Carry on Cocktail Kit

Whether you”re travelling from nearby or from afar, inflight drinks need not be boring. The Carry on Cocktail Kit includes everything you need to mix up two delicious cocktails. Choose from an Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic or Moscow Mule. [ Get it Here ] 

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3. Plane to Poolside Headphones

The No. 1 traveling rule? Don’t forget your headphones. There’s nothing worse than sitting on a flight with a screaming baby and nothing to calm you down. We love the FRENDS standout over the ear as an alternative your tired earbuds. [ Get it Here ] 

frends taylor headphones


4. A Stylish Passport Holder

Traveling to Bali is already a somewhat glamorous activity, and adding a personalised leather passport cover to your carry-on will make the experience that much more stylish. We”re taken with this excellent option from Joseph Henry. [ Get it Here ] 

leather passport holder


5. Aesop Essentials Mini Travel Kit

While you”re on holiday, your beauty routine need not be. We love these perfectly travel-sized items from Aesop, including shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, facial cream and body balm. These amazing smelling, gorgeous skin care products are the perfect accompaniment for your next trip. [ Get it Here ] 

aesop skincare & beauty for travel


6. Load up your iPad

Get some great media content to keep you occupied during the more relaxed parts of your Bali getaway. We recommend using Netflix to catch up on some good television shows such as the lip-smacking, interesting Chefs Table. [ Get it Here ] 

Netflix Chef


7. Take-Everywhere Handy Camera

For the adventurous to the hobbyist, you can”t go past the GoPro Hero camera to capture your holiday moments. Small enough to carry and super simple to use, be sure to keep those fun, exciting moments on holiday with snaps and video. [ Get it Here ] 


8. Luxe Travel Umbrella

With unexpected rainy times and sunny days in Bali, another travel essential is a portable umbrella. A compact champion from Davek Mini, the Traveler is the perfect combination of convenience and durability. Comes with a soft, genuine leather wrist strap with a special clip to secure your umbrella to anything. [ Get it Here ] 

15 essential stylish travel getaway <a href=


9. Luxurious Slumber Essentials

Style in spades with the luxe merino travel blanket and eye mask, keeping you in first class travel. These exceptional kits by Parachute includes a throw blanket, a lined merino eye mask, and a lined merino carrying case, that doubles as a airplane pillow cover, giving you a little comfort of home during your journey.

merino blanket eyemask from parachute


10. The Perfect Summer Shade

Retro and current at the same time, the Australian designed Quay eyewear is a travel essential for your next Bali holiday. Styles with a modern twist to a range of classic frames with bold colours and mirrored lenses. [ Get it Here ]  

quay eyewear


11. Lush Beach Towel

Go beyond the ordinary hotel towels in favour of a colourful, beautiful beach towel such as the fresh designs at Kip & Co. Our pick? The Birds Eye, generous and soft turkish hammam towel by Australian design. [ Get it Here ]

kip & co beach towel


12. Playful Travel Journal

Be a quick getaway, an epic adventure or your first time travelling, a travel journal is a good way to collect and document your memories and moments. This fun, stylish version from Axel & Ash offers prompts, witty ‘To-Do’ notes and list pages all bound in gorgeous textures. [ Get it Here ] 

travel journal


13. Power Up Device Chargers

You can’t be geeked out with all your electronics without power. Be sure to stow away a handy and stylish power accessory. Ones we are drooling over are the Mophie charge phone cases and ultra-thin powerstations. [ Get it Here ] 

mophie phone charge case


14. Sense of Adventure

No trip is complete without following your heart and feet on a mystery, fun adventure. Take the time to plan before you go and allow for some spontaneity! Why not a Bali Food Safari? 😉

bali food safari

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