4 Reasons to take a Food Tour of Bali

Food Tour of Bali

4 Reasons to take a Food Tour of Bali

Food tours are a brilliant way to discover hidden gems, try new menu items and to experience a region. With an overwhelming choice of restaurants to visit, a food tour of Bali let’s you take the guess work out of your stay and ensure yourself an unforgettable culinary experience.

Here’s the four reasons to book a food tour of Bali for your next trip.

  1. The Food

    Bali boasts some of the most exquisite dining in the world, with tours offering you a look into the offering. From freshly caught seafood, slow cooked meats and mouth-watering desserts, you’re set for a delicious experience. Of course, if you have dietary requirements your needs can be accommodated for on request.

  2. The VIP Treatment

    Expect to be collected by private vehicle from your accommodation and whisked to the best seats in the house. Your guide will make certain you and your guests are comfortable and your signature dishes are set down before you, sometimes even with chefs offering greetings.

  3. The Adventure

    You’re setting out on the unknown to explore new things. Albeit, food related. Food tours of Bali really allow you to take a break from the TripAdvisor research and internet quest to explore something unknown and exciting.

  4. The Memories.

    There is something special about going on a flavour packed food adventure. This delicious experience is not one you’ll forget in a hurry. With amazing food (and plenty of it), dessert dishes, special VIP treatment and the allure of mystery, the only thing left is to ask “why wouldn’t you?”.

Bali Food Safari offers bespoke culinary experiences across Seminyak, Ubud and Jimbaran. If you’re ready to treat your tastebuds to a Food Tour of Bali enquire today!

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