Maps of Bali: 7 Tastiest Street Food In Bali

street food in bali

Maps of Bali: 7 Tastiest Street Food In Bali

Living on the island for almost 5 years now, here is our version of the tastiest street food in Bali.

Over the last decades, Bali has become a melting pot of many cuisines. From the national cuisine of the country where it’s located, Indonesia and International cuisines, both Western and Eastern. You could find a wide range variety of food, including street food! Here we gathered our favourite street food in Bali, you should get to know the food before you dig in the plate. 😉

The difference between Indonesian street food and Indonesian food that you eat in restaurants is most of the Indonesian street food tastes spicier and more authentic. Street food is not westernised to fit tourists’ taste palate as it is for locals consumption, but you can always ask the seller to tone down the spicy level.

(Caution: this article will make you hungry!)

 7. Sate Ayam (read: sha-tay Ah-yum)

sate ayam

Chicken Satay with peanut sauce. Source

It’s a skewered chicken cut in cubes, grilled over charcoal and served with optional condiments: cucumber and shallot and chilli pickle, sambal (chilli sauce) a savoury sweet peanut sauce and fried onion. You can eat it either with rice or lontong (rice cake). The most popular version of sate Ayam is originated from Madura, East Java, an island in the west side of Bali.

The seller usually opens during dinner time, although many of them also open during lunchtime. You can’t miss them as you walk down the road, the smoke from the grill will lead you to the seller. Smokin’ yummy!

6. Bakso (read: buck-sho)

street food in Bali

Bakso with a poached egg. Source

Ask any Indonesian female you know whether they like bakso. The answer will most likely be “yes of course!” Bakso is everyone’s favourite in Indonesia. Most will eat it with loads of chilli sauce.

This dish is considered as a snack between meals. Bakso is meatballs served in a bowl with beef broth and rice noodles. The balls made of minced beef or minced chicken, it’s mixed with minced garlic, minced onions, ground pepper, salt and tapioca flour. The mixture is boiled, then preserved in iced water, some sellers would will the mixture with minced beef or boiled chicken egg or chopped chilli or cheese. There are a bunch of variations of it.

As mentioned above, the locals would add sambal (chilli sauce), kecap manis (sweet soy sauce) and vinegar or lime to the broth. If you don’t fancy any of those condiments, you can also eat it without any condiment. It’s your bowl, it’s your choice. Taste the umami flavour in the broth. It’s a hearty dish to eat during the rainy season. So good!

5. Babi Guling  (read: bha-bee goo-ling)

street food in Bali

The yummy Babi Guling

Now, this one originally comes from Bali. Balinese love their Babi Guling. It’s considered a festival food. It’s served at the wedding and the ceremonies.

Bali Guling is a roasted pork a la Bali. The whole pig is roasted for 5-8 hours, its belly is filled with herbs and spice. Balinese serve every part of the pork: the crispy skin, the tender tasty belly, the fried intestines and sliced meat. It’s all served in a plate along with jasmine rice, lawar (coconut and long beans vegetable), sambal matah (Balinese raw chilli sauce: chopped lemongrass and chopped shallots), and Balinese pork broth. It has a unique flavour, you would never forget!

 4. Nasi Campur (read: nha-cee champ-poor)

street food in Bali

Nasi Campur for locale luncheon.

There are many version of Nasi Campur in Indonesia. The dish is basically a plate of rice served with several dishes. In Bali, it’s usually served with Ayam Betutu (Balinese chicken stew with Base Genep seasoning), friend peanut, sambal, fried chicken skin, lawar, and sauteed fried tempeh with chilli. It’s an easy lunch option for us. Always delicious!

3. Soto Daging Sapi (read: sho-tow dawg-ging sha-pee)

street food in Bali

Hearty beef soto

It’s the sister of Soto Ayam, our favourite. Except, this soup made of beef. Served with white radish, bakso and delicious beef broth. This is a dish for when you want something to warm your heart. Eat it with its condiments which is sambal and lime, but if you prefer to eat it as it is, have it when it’s hot combine it with white rice. Extra yummy with cilantro and fried onion. Absolutely delicious!

2. Sate Babi (read: sha-tay Bha-bee)

Street food in Bali

Sate Babi

It is a very addictive grilled and skewered pork with Balinese seasoning. It tastes spicy, savoury, tangy, smoky delicious. The dish is usually served with lontong (rice cake) and chilli. But we could say, it goes well with chips too… Also cold beers. Oh my god! Get a bunch of it and invite your friends to come over. It’s definitely a show stopper! 

1. Es Daluman (read: as dha-loom-man)

street food in Bali

Es Daluman

It’s a cold dessert made of daluman leaves and pandan leaves juice, drizzled with coconut milk, served with shaved ice and palm sugar. The drink is originated from Bali. What makes daluman special is, the coconut is roasted to enhance the smoky coconut-ty flavour. The locals believe it can cool off the digestion system, it’s a perfect dessert after having a few spicy foods. Humbly delicious!

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