8 Reasons Bali Food Safari is the Best Food Travel Experience

8 Reasons Bali Food Safari is the Best Food Travel Experience

With over 100 5 star google reviews it’s no secret that our tours are hot property. However we thought we would break down the top reasons that our guests keep coming back for more!

1. Our Hosts.

Our hosts are bonafide foodies, they’ll be in touch prior to your tour and then literally be by your side every step of your food safari. They are passionate locals who love to spout their knowledge on every aspect of your Bali food tour. From the chef, right down to the cuisine or the architect who designed the venue, your host will warmly and excitedly fill you in on everything there is to know about the restaurant you’re visiting. By the end of your Bali food tour, you’ll have a new best friend!

2. Our Venues

We work extremely hard to ensure that each and every venue that we have partnered with, honours what Bali Food Safari represents. Which is an exclusive, delicious, 5 star dining experience that will leave you satisfied yet wanting more at the same time. The cuisine, the atmosphere, the fit-out and the staff are all integral parts of our Bali food tour and we’re certain that you’ll love each and every one of them for their unique offering.

3. The In-Vehicle Experience

We’ve already mentioned our incredible hosts, but whilst you’re being driven on your Bali food tour by your private driver, you’re privy to an interactive in-vehicle experience that connects you to the wider Bali Food Safari team!

4. The FOOD

Need we say more? The reason you’re here! Each and every dish has been tasted and approved by the Bali Food Safari team. We work closely with the venues to ensure that our exclusive menu is just so. With incredible variety of cuisines, each dish is beautifully and carefully presented by the chefs in order to take you on a culinary experience like no other.

5. The Mystery

Each Bali food tour is a mystery tour, and guests are not informed of each venue until they are on their way there. This adds a level of anticipation and excitement to the evening, as guests never know whats coming next!

6. The Variety

We have many repeat guests that have returned countless times, and have not done the same tour twice! We ensure that each tour is unique, with differing venues, menus and hosts to ensure a completely new mystery experience, each and every time! You can also let us know which restaurants you’ve visited previously – so we can ensure you’re trying something new on your Bali food tour!


7. The Ease

Guests are picked up for their Bali Food tour at their hotel at the beginning of the evening, and dropped back at the end. Ensuring that all elements of their Bali food experience is taken care of, allowing for a carefree and seamless evening where all they need to worry about is how to fit in their next meal!

8. The Customer Experience from start to finish

Everyone from our Marketing to our Operations staff ensure they go above and beyond for all guests. In line with our five star product, our staff take pride in the little things, ensuring that guests walk away from every interaction with Bali Food Safari with a smile on their face!


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