Bali food guide: the complete culinary guide for Bali foodies


Bali food guide: the complete culinary guide for Bali foodies

For foodies, Bali is a paradise with a finger licking and mouthwatering food scene. From local Balinese cuisine at a hawker stall or warung to healthy vegan food in hipster town Canggu and fine dining restaurants in Ubud and Seminyak. The food scene in Bali has got something for everyone! In this complete Bali food guide, we will take you around the island for a Bali food trip along some of our culinary hotspots. Selamat makan!


Culinary Bali hotspots

Bali knows several culinary hotspots. Amongst them are Ubud, Seminyak, and Canggu. Each has its own vibe and specialties. We like Seminyak best for fine dining, Canggu for hipster lunch cafes and Ubud offers a combination of both in a very unique way.


A culinary tour of Ubud: get your appetite on

Ubud has many faces. The town is known to be the cultural heart of Bali where you’ll find countless artists and musicians. Others know Ubud best as a spiritual hub due to its amount of yoga schools, spiritual activities, and hippie visitors. The number of digital nomads and entrepreneurs that call Ubud home is increasing all the time. However, our favorite Ubud face is its culinary one. The food scene in Ubud has an outstanding reputation with both amazing fine dining restaurants and cozy lunch eateries. A culinary tour of Ubud will lead you along vegan cafes, raw food eateries, world-class dining options, and trendy coffee bars.

Locavore: a must visit for Bali foodies

Restaurant Locavore is a must visit for Bali foodies. It’s where the hippies meet the fine diners if you like. This restaurant offers an outstanding fine dining experience based on locally produced ingredients which are smartly paired with each other. The food comes with delicious cocktail recommendations to make your culinary experience that extra buy special. When dining at Locavore, you have the choice of either a 5-course or 7-course meal. It’s not the cheapest option in town but we’re 100% sure you won’t regret dining there. If you want to secure a table at this amazing venue make sure you have reservations before you arrive in Ubud.

Mozaic: top-notch food and service

Another divine fine dining option is Mozaic. With a unique degustation menu, this venue is especially appealing for the real foodies amongst us. The dining area has an intimate and romantic garden set-up which makes it very cozy. The staff are very knowledgable about the dishes and the wines and provide top notch service. You may expect on point wine pairings to go with your 6-course meal. Prices are not the cheapest, but it is totally worth it! Reservations are recommended.

Zest: powered by plants made by people

Zest Ubud opened her doors in 2018 and is an initiative of four passionate cooks and food lovers. The success of Zest is due to a combination of a delicious vegan menu, the wonderful vibe of the venue, and the amazing views due it’s situation on top of a hill. We’re especially in love with the vegan cheese which, unlike many other vegan cheeses, melts. In our experience Zest is a delight and a must-try for both meat lovers as people following a plant-based diet. The restaurant represents the trendy, conscious-living and vibrant side of Ubud at its best.

Moksa restaurant: food crafted with love

Moksa plant-based restaurant is another sweet spot for an outstanding breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner experience. The restaurant is just out of town in a quiet and lush area. The menu is all-vegan and exists out of brilliantly prepared raw and cooked dishes. The prices are very reasonable and the view over the rice paddies is great.


Seminyak: a famous Bali culinary hotspot

From all the things to do in Seminyak, make sure you visit at least a few of our favorite restaurants listed below. Seminyak is the culinary hotspot of Bali with outstanding dining options. From beach clubs, fine dining restaurants to 5-star hotels; Seminyak has got it all.

Clean Canteen: healthy Asian favorites

For a healthy and yummy breakfast or lunch we highly recommend Clean Canteen. They serve Asian favorites, pizza, and fresh fish. The cafe has a cozy environment and is in a prime location close to the nightlife of Bali.

Mejekawi: fine dining Seminyak at its best

Mejekawi is located at the same location as trendy beach club Ku De Ta and has a stunning view of the ocean and a very romantic setting, especially during sunset. It has the perfect setting for a honeymoon dinner experience.

Sardine: fresh seafood and impeccable service

The kitchen at Sardine is tasty and healthy, perfect for the warm Bali climate. The menu changes daily, depending on the fresh catch of the day. Located in Seminyak with a rice field view, a cozy ambiance and impeccable service. Sardine serves excellent seafood for both lunch and dinner.

Sarong Bali: fabulous food and venue

Sarong is one of these places we can’t stop raving about. The menu is absolutely amazing and the venue is just lovely. It’s the perfect romantic night out for any food lover. The Indian fusion dishes are our favorite.

Canggu: breakfast, lunch and brunch heaven

Canggu has gone through the roof the past couple of years. It has gained in popularity rapidly and it has grown into a busy town that especially appeals to hipsters, surfers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs. The beaches have black sand and are nothing special compared to most other places on the island. The food scene makes up for that though. With new restaurants popping up like crazy it’s a challenge to keep up. We’ve listed a few of our favorites.

The Avocado Factory: for the avocado lovers

Who doesn’t love avocados!? The Avocado Factory deserves a spot in this Bali food guide as it’s definitly a place you don’t want to miss out on when in Canggu. As you may suspect, avocados play a main roll in all of the dishes this restaurant serves. This really is the place for all you avocado lovers out there!

The Loft: hip and trendy eatery in Canggu

The Loft is situated in, you’ve guessed it, a loft, overlooking the main street in Canggu. This is the place to get your breakfast bowl before or after your surf session. On the menu of this cool culinary hotspot, you’ll also find vegan waffles, gluten-free bread, and delicious natural juices.

The Mocca: enjoy some time away from the main street

The Mocca Cafe perhaps serves the best coffee in Canggu. Throw in some delicious, healthy food and very attentive staff and you’ve got a very nice hangout whilst in Canggu. The restaurant is located in a peaceful area so you can enjoy your meals in peace and quiet.

Billy Ho: comfort food from  Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea

Billy Ho is an awesome dinner spot if you’re into fancy cocktails, divine food, and a super mellow venue. The dishes served are Asian inspired and absolutely to die for. Our favorite, by far, is the smoked eggplant with furikake spice mix: try it. We promise you’ll love it.

Dandelion: A romantic setting combined with delicious local dishes

If you’re keen on trying on Indonesian delights, we truly recommend spending a night in the lovely Dandelion restaurant. The venue has a romantic vibe to it. The menu is mainly focussed on Indonesian dishes and the prices are very reasonable.


Where to eat in Bali: local food

The best street food Bali is to be found at markets and hawkers. And there are quite some options for you to turn to for getting your street food fix. All over the island, you’ll find markets with fresh produce in the morning and night bazaars with amazing authentic Bali cuisine in the evenings.


Jimbaran: kedonganan fish market

Jimbaran is known for its delicious fresh fish and the restaurants get that tasty fish at the Jimbaran fish market. Many Bali cooking classes take you to this market to get the fresh ingredients for the day. Best time of the day would be to go before dawn when the fishermen get back with their boats and unload their nets with all kinds of fish they caught.

Denpasar/Badung: traditional market

The Badung traditional market is located at Gajah Mada street and is a 24-hour market. Here you’ll find fresh fruit, vegetables, and spices, meat and fish, but also clothing and souvenirs. At this traditional market, you won’t find that many tourists but it’s a lot of fun to see the local activities.

Sanur: night market

The Sanur night market starts after 5pm. Before that time, the Sindhu market is the main traditional fresh produce market in Sanur. You’ll find a variety of local delights such as saté, nasi campur and those super sweet Balinese desserts.


Seminyak: taman sari market

The taman sari market is a big contrast with all the trendy restaurants and luxurious villas in Seminyak. In the morning you can get some tasty breakfast snacks and at night you are set for your street food fix. Don’t expect people to speak English, just enjoy the amazing fresh food!

Ubud: traditional market

You may know the Ubud traditional market as the tourist market with all the souvenirs. But if you want to experience a real local market go here in the mornings. From 6-9am it is packed with locals selling and buying fresh food. It’s a typical Balinese experience that you shouldn’t miss! Best time to go is at 6am when local farmers start bringing in their crops and the best fruits and veggies are still there. It is also the perfect place to get a local Balinese brekkie!

Ubud Gianyar night market

The Gianyar night market near Ubud is one of the most popular night bazaars on Bali. Here you will find amazing food prepared on hand by locals. If you are looking for some divine and traditional Balinese food, such as babi guling, you should definitely pay a visit to this night market.


Cooking classes Bali

A cooking class might be the best souvenir you could take home. Obtaining insight into local cooking techniques, ingredients and recipes make it possible to bring these flavors home and share with friends and family. Besides that, a cooking class is just heaps of fun and a little party for your taste buds!


Cooking class at an organic farm near Ubud

Learn how to cook the most amazing food in a tropical surrounding on an organic farm. That is what you will get at this organic cooking class near Ubud. The day will start at a local market to get fresh ingredients to prepare your meal. Dishes that you will learn to cook are, among other things, sayur urab (green salad with shredded coconut), opor ayam (Balinese chicken curry) and sate lilit (traditional pork kebab with spices). If you prefer to cook only vegetarian dishes you will cook a yummy gado gado (steamed veggies with peanut sauce) and tempe asam manis (sweet and sour tempe) among other things.

Book your cooking class at an organic farm >>>

Balinese cooking class & market tour Seminyak

During this 5,5-hour Seminyak cooking tour, you will learn from the best chefs in Seminyak! As with many cooking tours, the class starts at a local market where the chef explains more about the ingredients and how to use them. At the end of the cooking class you will receive a certificate and a recipe book.

Book your Seminyak cooking class >>>

Firewood cooking class & organic farm tour Sidemen

This cooking class is all about organic cooking on firewood. You will be picked up from your hotel and start at the bustling Klungkung market, which is the second biggest market in Bali. You will get to handpick your own veggies in the rice paddies of Sidemen from the organic farm. Among the dishes you will cook are for the vegetarians: perkedel jagung (corn fritter), sambal nyut (coconut spice) and plecing kankung (green leaves with spicy sauce). The non-vegetarians will cook pepes ikan (spiced fish in banana leaves), gule ayam (coconut curry chicken) and jukut nangka (soup with pork meat and jackfruit), among a lot of other dishes.

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New Earth Cooking

New Earth Cooking is a cooking school in rural Bali, around a 1,5-hour drive from the popular tourist areas. This is not your ordinary cooking school. New Earth Cooking is all about healing, cooking and growing. You can have a cooking class for a day but also stay for several months to learn all about cooking the way they do at New Earth Cooking. Simon, the creator of New Earth Cooking, and his team will teach you not only how to cook, you will also learn everything about gardening techniques, cooking skills, recipes and in their own words ‘how to hold space for your own inner greatness to unfold’. So if nutrition has your interest and you consider yourself to be a real Bali foodie, New Earth Cooking might be exactly what you’re looking for.


Bali food tours van Bali food safari

Craving some amazing food after reading this Bali food guide? Why not join us on one of our food tours! We offer a variety of tour along the best restaurants in Seminyak, the best restaurants in Jimbaran and we offer a super fun and tasty Bali street food tour.

Looking for a high-end luxury food experience? Our helicopter tour Bali takes you along three remote destinations on the island. At each venue, your taste buds will be positively surprised. The best chefs on the island prepare only the most delicious dishes with perfectly matching wines and/or cocktails.

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