Best beaches in Bali: the complete Bali beach guide


Best beaches in Bali: the complete Bali beach guide

Where to find the best beaches in Bali? Well, with so many awesome spots it is very hard to choose! We summed up 17 of our favorite beaches including a recommendation for each beach on where to stay the night so you can really take in all that beauty and enjoy a gorgeous sunrise or sunset. Whether you are sussing out the best beaches for a family holiday, a romantic get-a-way, an active surf escape or just a chilled-out beach with views to take your breath away and boost your Instagram feed we’ve got you covered. All that you have to do is pick your spot and bring you beach towel, swimmers, sunnies, snacks, drinks and…..your camera!

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Maps of Bali: where to find the best beaches in Bali

Best_Beaches_Bali Beaches_Bali_Maps

1.Virgin Beach, pantai putih: hidden beach in the East of Bali

One of the best kept secrets of East Bali is Pantai Putih: Virgin Beach or White Beach. This is probably the most beautiful beach in East Bali. After walking down the stairs, this secluded beach is surrounded by waving palm trees and the ocean. Here, you can chill all day on your sunbed, enjoy some delicious food at one of the warungs and have a refreshing drink. The waves tend to be a bit wild here, perfect for paddle boarding in the ocean! The currents can be a bit strong, so just be careful and have fun!

Virgin_Beach_Bali Pantai_Putih_Bali_Virgin_Beach

Accommodation tip for Virgin Beach: Ganesh Lodge, Candidasa

Candidasa is the perfect location to stay for a few days and explore East Bali and chill out at virgin beach. Ganesh Lodge is your perfect little oasis in Candidasa. This hotel is just a two-minute stroll from Candidasa beach and a short 30-minute drive to virgin beach. This boutique hotel is very welcoming and makes a good base for a few nights while you explore the east of the island.

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2.Sanur Beach: the perfect family beach

Oh, we just love Pantai Sanur! This long beach with golden sand goes all the way from South to North Sanur. The hotels at the beach are divided by a small boulevard, perfect for a morning or evening stroll when the temp is not killing you. Sanur Beach is one of the best beaches in Bali for families. There is no current, the water deepens slowly and equally and the beach itself is perfect for a family picknick and games. When you walk all the way to the south of Sanur Beach, you will see local families having fun in the water and enjoying the evening sun and breeze.

What_To_Do_In_Sanur_Bali sanur-bali-zonsopgang

Accommodation tip for Sanur Beach: Mercure Sanur

Our best accommodation tip for families who are looking to explore the best beaches in Bali for families is Mercure Sanur. The hotel is situated directly at a wider part of Sanur beach which makes that kids have all the space in the world to play around. There are nice little restaurants everywhere in walking distance.

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3.Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida: rustic and isolated

Nusa Penida has got plenty of stunning beaches and Atuh Beach is just one of them! Atuh Beach is located on the western part of Nusa Penida and can be reached by car or scooter. Once you arrive at the parking lot (10.000 IDR parking fee), the view on Atuh Beach is miraculous! The way down the stairs can be a tricky one, so be careful and remember: the steep way down is also your way back up! But believe us when we say that the hike down to the beach is totally worth it! Atuh Beach is still a bit isolated and when you arrive on the morning, chances are that you’ve got the beach to yourself! Other travelers won’t arrive till lunchtime.


Accommodation tip for Atuh Beach, Nusa Penida: Rumah Pohon Tree house

If you like a little adventure, then overnighting at Rumah Pohon Tree House is definitely recommended! The tree house has a stunning view over the ocean and the beaches and is just around the corner from Atuh Beach.

Check rates and availability for Rumah Pohon Tree House and read all about this island in the Nusa Penida guide>

4.Crystal Bay, Nusa Penida: secluded beach with crystal-clear water

A perfect dive spot in Nusa Penida is Crystal Bay, but also when you’re not into diving, you can spend a relaxing day on this stunning beach. As the name says, this beach is located in a bay with crystal-clear water. When the water is calm you can go for a nice swim or beach bum up and down the pretty sandy beach. At the beach you will find some warungs to get food and drinks. If you don’t like diving but love snorkeling, make sure you get into the water! Visibility is up to 44 meters and you will see gorgeous coral and fish.


Accommodation tip for Crystal Bay, Nusa Pendia: Puri peneeda Cottage

Just a short stroll from Crystal Bay you’ll find Puri Peneeda Cottage. Expect a very cozy stay in this hidden gem. The cottages are nicely shaped, very clean and extremely comfortable. It makes a good base to chill out at the beach or to explore the rest of Nusa Penida.

Check rates and availability for Puri peneeda cottage and read all about the island in the Nusa Penida guide>

5.Geger Beach: for swimming and surfing

Geger Beach is to be found in Nusa Dua, on Bali’s peninsula. White sand and super clear water make you never want to leave this place. Geger Beach makes one of the best beaches in Bali for swimming and for families because of the calm water. For you comfort you can rent sunbeds and umbrella’s and there is a food and drink service at the beachfront. If you love surfing, Geger Beach is also a good spot for you! There is a large break just offshore, perfect for surf lovers. There are 2 ways to get to this beach. The first access point is through hotel Vuok (paid, because it also leads up to a temple on a cliff). The second way to access the beach is for free, passed The Mulia Hotel.

Accommodation tip for Geger Beach: The Grand Bali Nusa Dua

The Grand Bali Nusa Dua hotel offers a five-star experience for very reasonable prices. The rooms are spacious and very comfy and the hotel pool is just amazing. You can walk from the hotel to various restaurants and shops and also the beautiful Geger Beach is not far away.

Check rates and availability for the Grand Bali Nusa Dua

6.Green Bowl Beach: secluded with high waves

We think that this might be the most secluded beach on Bali, about 15 km from Kuta tucked away in the Bukit Peninsula. The name Green Bowl comes from the color of the sand in the ocean that makes the water look green. The view on the beach from the high cliff is absolutely stunning! And yes, there is a cliff and the beach are a steep 327 steps down (and back up!) but trust us when we say it is worth the workout! Once at the beach you will find soft sand, crystal-clear water, and limestone caves. When the tide is low you can go snorkeling here, so make sure to bring some equipment. Also, bring plenty of water and snacks since at the beach itself there are no food stalls or restaurants.

Accommodation tip for Green Bowl Beach: Bali Exclusive Residence

Green Bowl Beach has a bit of an exclusive location and therefore it might be a bit of a challenge to find a nice stay close to the beach. As the area itself is perfect for exploring we recommend staying at a nice villa like Bali Exclusive Residence and explore a different beach every day!

Check rates and availability for Bali Exclusive Residence

7.Sunday Beach Club, Ungasan: exclusive spot at the beach

This exclusive beach club is a very relaxing spot to hang out for a day. Have a swim, read a book, get a tan, take a nap: this is what Sundays are about! You will have to pay for a Day Pass, but this will also secure you of food and drinks. On weekdays you will pay 400,000 IDR per adult and on weekends 450,000 IDR. This includes a towel, WIFI, kayaks, snorkeling equipment and stand-up paddle boards and 200 IDR of food/drink credit per adult. It does ensure you a day out on a gorgeous beach with all the luxuries of a beach club! There is live music, sunset beach bonfires and a lot of fun!

Accommodation tip for Sunday Beach Club: Bali Exclusive Residence

Hanging out at an exclusive beach spot asks for a nice and exclusive accommodation as well. Bali Exclusive Residence offers luxury villa’s less than a kilometer away from Sunday Beach Club. You won’t fall short of anything whilst staying in this spacious villa.

Check rates and availability for Bali Exclusive Residence.

8.Uluwatu Beach: for the surf lovers

One of the best beaches in Bali for surfing is probably Uluwatu Beach. Here you will find surf dudes and surf Betties showing off their tricks! Get ready for some exercise when going down to the beach because you’ll have to hit many steps before hitting the beach. The beach itself is small and rocky, but the water is crystal-clear, and you can hang out for a couple of hours to get a tan and watch the suffers get in and out of the ocean. Especially at low tide, little pools of water appear where you can relax and swim. When you’ve had enough sun, go back the same way as you came and get yourself a refreshing drink at one of the beach clubs: perfect view guaranteed!


Accommodation tip for Uluwatu Beach: Yoga Searcher Bali

If you’re into yoga, surfing, and healthy eating, Yoga Searcher Bali is your pick. The bungalows are setup beautifully around the pool hidden behind the vegan restaurant. Blue Point, Uluwatu, where the surf is on, is just a short walk away. Yoga classes are provided every day even as relaxing hammocks to laze away the day.

Check rates and availability for Yoga Searcher Bali

9.Thomas Beach: for the beach lovers

Just like with almost all the beaches in the Uluwatu area, the way to get there is down the stairs from a cliff. But again, totally worth it! Thomas Beach is located between Suluban Beach and Padang padang Beach. At Thomas Beach you will find soft sand, perfect to spread your beach towel and get a good tan. It is one of the less crowded beaches in the Uluwatu area. Again, Thomas Beach also makes an excellent surfing spot since the waves are pretty high. You can rent a surfboard at a surf shack at the beach if you don’t have one of your own.

Accommodation tip for Thomas Beach: D’padang

Homestay D’padang is surrounded by great beaches and restaurants. Not only Thomas beach is around the corner, also Padang Padang beach is not far away. The prices are very reasonable, and the rooms are super clean and spacious. As D’padang is a homestay, you wouldn’t imagine how big it is. Make sure to check out both pools!

Check rates and availability for Homestay D’padang

10.Padang Padang beach: Pantai Labuan Sait

We might be repeating ourselves but also this is one of the best beaches in Bali to visit! Padang Padang Beach can be found in the Uluwatu area. The beach is easily accessible with about 30 stairs, passed the cheeky monkeys, so watch your sunglasses and snacks! It is also one of the best beaches for surfing (advanced surfers!). At the beach itself there are several stalls where you can buy souvenirs like sarongs and jewelry, you can hire a paddle board or get some delicious Balinese food at one of the warungs. The strong currents don’t come near the beach, so it is also a good beach for families with little kids. It is not a big beach, about 150 meters long. On busy days it might feel a bit too crowded.


Accommodation tip for Padang Padang beach: Homestay D’padang

Also for a stay near Padang Padang beach, we can fully recommend a stay at Homestay D’padang. It’s about a one-kilometer walk from the homestay to Padang Padang which is nice to stretch your legs before laying down on the beach.

Check rates and availability at Homestay D’padang.

11.Binging Beach: exquisite hidden surf spot

Bingin Beach, located in the Bukit Peninsula, can’t be left out our list of best beaches in Bali. This exquisite hidden beach is an oasis of glistening blue waters paired with white sand. This is as close to perfection as it gets. Take a nap, go sunbathing on the sand and just enjoy the pure bliss! You can reach this little piece of paradise by going down many stairs which makes it not easily accessible for everybody. Surf lovers go crazy about this beach because it is also one of the best beaches in Bali for surfing. Make sure you stay in the area to watch the beautiful sunset and enjoy some fresh fish from the BBQ!

Bali_Bingin_Beach Binging_Beach_bali

Accommodation tip for Bingin Beach: Bingin Bienvenue Guest House

In Bingin Bienvenue Guest House you’ll find awesome little bungalows in a peacefull garden. You can walk to Bingin Beach or just laze around the hotel pool. The staff is super helpful here and love to help you out with your scooter rental or dining tips!

Check rates and availability for Bingin Bienvenue Guest House.

12.Dreamland Beach: picture perfect

Dreamland Beach on Bali’s Bukit peninsula is located next to Balangan Beach. The waves are high, but not too high, which makes this one of the best beaches for surfing for both beginners/intermediate and advanced surfers. Another great thing about surfing here is that you won’t find any shallow reef, meaning you don’t have to worry all the time getting yourself hurt on the reef. You can reach the white sand beach by going down the stairs, passing several warungs which all offer stunning views on the Indian Ocean. This is really one of those beaches that just blows you away by how gorgeous it is. This is also why many busses with Asian tourist find their way here daily. We recommend making Dreamland beach a nice pit stop on your way down to the Bukit!

Dreamland_Beach_Bali Best_Beaches_Bali_Dreamland

13.Balangan Beach: for a romantic setting

Balangan Beach is, again, of the best beaches in Bali for surfing (advanced surfers) and for wedding photography! On this beach you can go for long romantic walks, grab a surfboard or relax on a sunbed. From high up, the views on Balangan Beach are just stunning and Instagram-worthy. Getting down to the beach is just like the other beaches in the Uluwatu area: down a lot of stairs! But don’t let that scare you away, the walk down is worth it! Balangan Beach is perfect to watch the sunset while having some finger food and a chilled beer: it doesn’t get any sweeter than this!

Accommodation tip for Balangan Beach: Casa de Balangan Beach

An awesome villa with a very inviting pool. This is just a place that gets it. At Casa de Balangan beach you’ll receive excellent service and delicious food. The villas are spacious, clean, nicely decorated and just a few minutes’ walk to Balangan Beach.

Check rates and availability for Casa de Balangan Beach

14.Kuta Beach: the most popular beach in Bali

One of the most well know and popular beaches in Bali is Kuta Beach, a long-stretched golden sand beach. It’s were Bali’s fame all began. At the beach road, you’ll find plenty of bars, restaurants and souvenir stalls. Get yourself a sunbed and umbrella and you can spend the whole day at this beach. It is one of the best beaches in Bali for families with children to hang out and enjoy a picknick. You will also find a lot of surfers here because of the great conditions. If you arrive here late afternoon, you will enjoy an amazing sunset while having a binnie at the beach and some delicious local cuisine


Accommodation tip for Kuta Beach: Alam KulKul boutique resort

Alam KulKul boutique resort is a small Balinese village. It is an amazing resort with two pools, a very relaxing spa and the beach just a few blocks away. The prices are very reasonable which makes it one of our favorite places to stay in Bali’s most popular town!

Check rates and availability for Alam KulKul boutique resort or check out our Bali beach hotel guide.

15.Double six: white sandy beach in Legian and Seminyak

In the Seminyak/Legian area, Double Six Beach is a good beach to hang out for a day. The beach is long and wide with golden sand. It is a hip and trendy beach with plenty of beach clubs, restaurants and surf shacks. The beach clubs offer bean bags to chill-out on and often they play live music. For surfers staying in the Seminyak area, this is a good beach to catch some waves, although it tends to get crowded in high season. Also, if you feel like a dip in the water, this is a good place, just mind the high waves. If you want to see the most stunning sunset in Bali, Double Six Beach is where you should go!


Accommodation tip for Double six: Anantara Vacation Club

Anantara Vacation Club is a small scaled beach hotel. This beach hotel is located right at double six which makes it your perfect beach holiday stay. The rooms are big and comfortable and there are plenty of awesome restaurants around for you to try!

Check rates and availability for Anantara Vacation Club and read about all things to do in Seminyak>

16.Echo beach, Canggu: hip & trendy beach for surfers

Echo Beach is one of the most famous and popular beaches in hip and trendy Canggu. It is an excellent spot for surfing lessons, but also advanced surfers will love this beach. If you like to swim, this beach is not the ideal place for you. At Echo Beach, you either surf or watch the surfers and get a tan. The beach itself has got black sand, which might make it less gorgeous than the beaches in the Uluwatu area. At Echo beach you’ll find a lot of trendy beach clubs where you can hang out and enjoy some drinks and food. Especially during sunset, this is where you want to be!


Accommodation tip for Echo beach: Echo beach villa and apartment

If you don’t like to always eat out, Echo beach villa and apartment is your pick. The kitchen is very well equipped which makes it nice to cook-up your own meal. This makes it a great option for families as well! You can either choose a private pool villa or an apartment with a shared pool. Both have a great atmosphere that will make you will feel right at home.

Check rates and availability for Echo beach villa and apartment.

17.Balian Beach: a remote black sand beach perfect for surfers

For a popular surf spot in West Bali you can go to Balian Beach. It is a remote black sand beach, perfect for surfers. It is about a 2-hour drive from Kuta and about 40km from the famous Tanah Lot Temple. Since not many people go to this beach, it’s easy to find good priced accommodations and restaurants. Balian Beach is an off the beaten track surfers’ paradise. Unlike Kuta Beach, you won’t find vendors at the beach, so you can just chill, have a picknick and read a book. If you’ve had enough of sunbathing, go for a stroll along the beach. This beach is not the best place to go swimming due to the high waves and many rocks in the water.

Balian_Beach_Bali Bali_Balian_Beach

Accommodation tip for Balian Beach: Istana Balian

One of the most comfortable stays you’ll find in Balian is Istana Balian. Nothing fancy but just really great and comfortable. The food is awesome, the staff friendly, the rooms spacious and the beach just a 400 meter walk away.

Check rates and availability for Istana Balian.

Beach bumming and culinary nights

Surfing, swimming and sunbathing leaves people hungry! And what better way to satisfy your appetite with some delicious food! Join us on a finger licking Bali street food tour for lunch. During this tour we will take you to the best local eateries and hawker stalls of Bali. You will get to enjoy suckling pig, tropical fruits, nasi goreng and plenty of other amazing Bali street food. Feeling a bit fancier and do you love luxury restaurants? We’ve got you covered! Join us on our best restaurants in Jimbaran tour. In 4-5 hours, you will dine at the best restaurants in Jimbaran and be served 12 culinary dishes! For an ultimate culinary experience in Seminyak, we invite you to join us for a tour that will take you to the best restaurants in Seminyak.

Looking for a high-end luxury food experience? Our helicopter tour Bali takes you along three remote destinations on the island. At each venue, your taste buds will be positively surprised. The best chefs on the island prepare only the most delicious dishes with perfectly matching wines and/or cocktails.

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