Chef Spotlight: Rinrin Marinka

Chef Marinka

Chef Spotlight: Rinrin Marinka

Rinrin Marinka or well known as Chef Marinka is one of the most celebrated female chefs in Indonesia.

A celebrity chef and a restaurateur of Mars Kitchen, Chef Marinka is known for her time as a judge on MasterChef Indonesia and Junior MasterChef Indonesia from 2011. Her energy and love of traditional Indonesian flavours are unparalleled.

Bali Food Safari owner, Simon Ward, enjoyed the Ultimate Foodie Getaway with Chef Marinka and had the chance to sit down with Rinrin about her insights into food.

Why did you decide to become a chef?

Mixing ingredients, the art of creating good taste and art of making people happy. So I want to share my happiness through my job.

What is your favourite food memory?

When finally I can create difficult Indonesian traditional food into the next level, as I remember I can creat Ketoprak (Indonesian Salad with Peanut Sauce) into fine dining look.

Did you always eat your veggies?

Sometimes yes, but since I have to find the new creation of food and finding more information about food, I can eat everything by everyone. As long as the food helps me to find new recipes

How do you get your inspiration?

By eat, by listening around, looking around and reading books. I love reading as well. read can give me more information about anything

Favourite cookbook?

I can’t name it. I have a lot of cookbooks that always I read to get my inspiration. so, every cookbook is my favourite book.

Funniest kitchen incident?

As long as I remember, I don’t have a funny incident in the kitchen. Because I am quite serious during cooking activity and trying to avoid any accident. So, I can’t remember my accidents or funniest accident.

Who in the food world do you most admire?

I adore Jamie Oliver, I like the way he cooks and his skill. He brought me to the real kitchen when I watch his show.

What do you most love about your job?

When I can make people happy with what I have made for them, especially my food creation.

What’s your ‘Last Supper’ meal? Your ‘Death Row’ meal, as Anthony Bourdain puts it.

Cheese fondue with sourdough baguette onion soup, main: dry aged wagyu steak with chimichurri, truffle french fries, spinach corn pumpkin miso salad, dessert: cheesecake and apple pie with vanilla ice cream.

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