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We’ve roped together these common questions for a quick and simple guide for our food tours and mystery dining with Bali Food Safari. If you’re looking for real human contact or you’re asking an left of field question, get in touch with our team via the site here.

Progressive Style Dining

Progressive style dining is simply where you enjoy a number of dishes, each at alternative locations. Bali Food Safari tours collect guests and drive them to each location between dishes. Please note that Bali Food Safari is designed as a sample and introduction to new and exciting flavours and dishes, differing from the traditional set courses of entrée, main and dessert.

Which restaurants will we attend on tour?

We’re proud of the restaurants Bali Food Safari has partnered with, for both their delicious food and great atmosphere. Part of your tour experience is the mystery and discovery of the venues and scenery as the night unfolds. We keep your hand picked restaurants as a surprise until your tour begins.

Does the tour include alcohol?

No. Bali Food Safari tours are a food based tour only. Alcohol can be purchased at any of the restaurants you visit, with guests taking responsibility to settle the bill prior to leaving. No liability will be assumed by Bali food tours for injury caused by alcohol consumption.

Last minute bookings?

We require 24 hours notice to make all the special arrangements for your tour, so we do encourage you book as soon as possible. For last minute bookings, please contact us and we’ll see how we can help.

Can I book for a group?

Yes. We encourage groups to participate in the Bali Food Safari tours available. We can accommodate groups of up to 10 people. Should you wish to book for more than 10, please contact us directly.

Can I book for one?

Our tours require a minimum of two people. Contact us about joining a tour or how we can help arrange an experience for you.

Where will we be collected from?

Upon booking, your nominated collection point will be noted on the confirmation. We encourage all tour guests to be ready at their accommodation, or collection point, at least 10 minutes prior to departure. Your collection times and other information is confirmed upon booking and payment of your tour. Important to note it is one (1) collection point per booking unless otherwise arranged at the time of booking.

Do I need to bring anything else?

No. We encourage you to bring your eager taste buds, of course you can bring your own cameras to capture the memories and scenery of your tour. Should you wish to purchase alcoholic beverages you will need to bring a means of payment with you.

What should we wear?

Smart casual (no singlets or thongs). All restaurants have a relaxed dress code, as is the joy of Bali holidaying. We encourage you to wear something comfortable, and remember that your tour will be held come rain or shine.

Are there any other charges?

All booking fees include taxes, tour fees, service charges and your culinary discovery. Should you wish to, you’re welcome to purchase your own drinks over the tour.

Exceptions include the Seminyak Cocktails & Culinary tour. For more details, visit the tour page here or email

Dietary restrictions and allergies?

Please email us at about any allergies, dietary needs or restrictions you may have and include this in your online booking. We do our best to work according to your preference and communicate this with your restaurants for your tour booking.

Due to the nature of the tour, we recommend you reconfirm your needs at each restaurant as we cannot guarantee that any dietary needs or restrictions can be accommodated given the nature of Asian cuisine and the variety of restaurants used.

Any and all food allergies and dietary restrictions shall and must be disclosed to Bali Food Safari Tours prior to tour commencement. Please reference our Terms and Conditions for further information.

What payments do you accept?

All tours require payment at the time of booking. We accept Visa, MasterCard and PayPal.

Cancellation or refunds?

Tours are only valid for the specified date and time for which they have been purchased. Tours cannot be refunded/exchanged without approval from appropriate management personnel. We reserve the right to limit the number of participants or to cancel any tour at any time.

Bali Food Safari offers generally flexible reschedules with a minimum of 48 hours notice before your tour collection time. We recommend you contact us at with as much notice as possible.

If we need to reschedule?

All sales are final, yet we are happy to work with you to reschedule with 48hrs notice as a minimum. Please contact us immediately via email should you wish to arrange a revised time for your tour.

Can we bring the kids?

Bali Food Safari tours are designed as an adult activity and as such we don’t encourage any guests under the age of 18. Rather we suggest you take the time out of parenthood to reconnect with your loved one or family and friends. Babysitting services are offered throughout many hotels across Bali.

Are we required to disclose all guest names?

Yes. In order to maintain accurate records for both insurance and admin, we require all guests to be named upon booking.

Language options?

We can accommodate for English, Indonesian, Cantonese & Japanese. Where we can, we will try to make arrangements upon special request — or we just let the food speak for itself! Please contact us for specific requests.

Do you cater for vegans?

In short no

We go as far as catering for most food Food preferences, tolerances and allergies. We include or limit to most including vegetarian, crustationarian, Pescatarian, Carnivorarian, Halalian, Gluten freebian. Vegan excludes many foods and offerings are very limited in most of our venues our honest suggestion is this isn’t the tour for you. We feel we would be misrepresenting ourselves or our venues thus not experiencing Food Safari to its fullest.

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