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The Quintessential Culinary Adventure

Bali Food Safari offers food tours inclusive of world-class culinary establishments that are truly unforgettable. Choose from a handful of locations across South Bali including the regions of Seminyak and Jimbaran. All our exclusive tours offer up to twelve dishes and include transport, taxes and private host – along with other special inclusions along the way. Join us for an exclusive, memorable experience created for true foodies and those seeking to expand their culinary and cultural horizons.

Dietary Requirements. We’ll take care of each and every detail

Bali Food Safari can cater for special dietary needs. These food sensitivities include gluten-free, vegetarian, halal, kosher, lactose, and more. Our food tours are bespoke, allowing us to make custom orders and arrangements by request for individual diners or groups. Please include your dietary requirements when booking or contact us.


Bali for foodies

Do you consider yourself a foodie? Then Bali is the place to be for you. The island of the gods offers a variety of excellent restaurants which serve divine cuisine for everyone’s taste. The beach towns of Seminyak and Jimbaran can overwhelm you with their amount of high-class dining options and fantastic settings. To ensure you don’t miss out on any great experiences or dishes we have selected a variety of restaurants that provide you with a unique dining experience. Our food tours are developed in collaboration with the best Bali restaurants available and therefore we are confident to say that, as a foodie, you will go home satisfied.


The best food in Bali tastes better whilst enjoying epic views

Not only do we collaborate with the best Bali restaurants. We have carefully hand-picked our partners based on their unique settings. We believe that food tastes even better when the location and setting is epic. Imagine a delicious cocktail over a plate of amazing tapas style dishes or appetizers whilst the sun is setting over the Indian Ocean with a dramatic coastline as the perfect backdrop to complete yet another amazing day in Bali. And the best thing, this epic view at sunset is only the start of your food tour before continuing to the next restaurant with a fantastic ambiance and a unique sway.


Unique Bali experiences are created by the welcoming people

The island of the gods has a lot to offer to all types of travelers. What sets us apart from all other unique Bali experiences is not only the food and epic views. Although we have been bragging about the food that is served during our food tours and the breathtaking sceneries, we have also realize that it’s the people who create a unique experience. Our excellent staff will go over and above  to create an experience that you will remember long after your holiday has finished. We feel confident in saying that our Bali food tours are a unique experience because of the people we work with. During your food tour you will be guided by one of our experienced food guides who will share their culinary knowledge with a sincere smile and that remarkable Balinese hospitality.


Your mystery food tour experience

As you are embarking on your mystery culinary food fest you may expect a wide variety of flavors to tickle your taste bulb. Depending on the food tour of your choice, you may expect a great diversity of Balinese fusion, straight-up Balinese flavors or some high-class international cuisines that leave you drooling for more. Leaving the exact dishes, a mystery until you have arrived on location will provide a fantastic dimension to your dining experience. We cater to various dietary requirements as well, so please let us know your wishes and/or requirements upon booking your food tour in order for us to optimize your experience.  

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