Maps of Bali: 5 Bali’s Best Beaches

Maps of Bali: 5 Bali’s Best Beaches

Answering your questions, here are our favourite Bali’s best beaches for your guide-in-hand a Map of Bali. 

Visit these beaches before it gets too crowded!

Plan your trip to these Bali’s best beaches to surf, paddle boarding, also take a dip in the pristine clear water, or simply take a long stroll, watch a dramatic sunset, and sunbathing on the white sand. All you need to do is bring your bikinis or swimmers, beach towels, sunnies and…  don’t miss the camera as these beaches will boost your Instagram game to the next level!

5. Bingin Beach, Bingin.

Bali's best beaches

source: @gypsea_lust

Located in Bali’s Bukit peninsula, Bingin Beach can’t be left out! This exquisite hidden beach is an oasis of glistening blue waters paired with a white sand as close to perfection as it gets… Take a nap, sunbathing on the sand, enjoy the pure bliss!

Entrance fee: not required.

4. Thomas Beach, Uluwatu.

Bali's best beaches

Source: @patriciatsai

Nearby Bingin and Padang Padang, there lies another hidden gem of perfection in Bali’s south peninsula. The steps down to glistening blue waters and white sand are nearly as limitless as they seem indeed. It’s a truly hidden beauty, make the trip to this one of Bali’s best beaches worth it… be prepared for some assaults on the quads! Luckily, all the Instagram worthy hot spots on the way down will give you the best experience you deserve!! Snap happy smiles…

Entrance fee: Expect to spend IDR 150,000,- per person for the sun loungers and drinks.

3. Balangan Beach, Balangan

Bali's best beaches


Immerse yourself in a beautiful island life – palm tree-lined paths with white sand, go for the long romantic hand-hold walk, end it with the loving kiss!

Grab a Balinese food, light a candle. Sit in one of those warungs (traditional food stalls) dotting the beach, stay hydrated and share a fresh coconut with 2 straws… just feel the love. The best beach for the hopeless romantics.

Entrance fee: Expect to spend IDR100,000 on coconut and Balinese munchies.

2. Sundays Beach Club, Ungasan.

Bali's best beaches


Located in the area of the ultra-luxe Ungasan Clifftop resort, make your way down to one of the most exclusive Bali’s relaxation spots. Sundays beach club exemplifies all the things we love about a Sunday day, which is “an absolute relaxation”. Have a swim, saunter with your loved one, read your favourite book, fall asleep under the umbrella, scroll and troll on your phone from your daybed while the food and beverages are brought to you. Come during the day or hang late for a bonfire, up to you!

Entrance fee: IDR300,000,- for adult, IDR50,000 for child 3-11 years old.

1. Green Bowl Beach, Uluwatu

Bali's best beaches

Source: Unknown

This one is the ultimate Bali’s best beaches. Descend to tranquillity! You will have to take approximately 250 steps down to this gem. Pro tip: wear comfortable shoes and lightweight tees and shorts and be careful of a random appearance of monkeys from the trees or the temple. Yep… it doesn’t sound like fun… But once you reach the beach, it’s totally EPIC and worth it! Down below is a quiet strip of sand, caves, framed by two big limestone cliffs. Come with your friends, turn up your music, enjoy your private beach for the day!

The beach is a perfect spot to lay your beach towel, put on your sand glasses and just be. Mesmerises your eyes with the layers of emerald colours glisten off the algae covered rocks. Green Bowl beach make it a whole day of beachside relaxation

Bring your drinks and food with you, also bring back the trash. Don’t leave anything but footprints, don’t take anything but pictures!

Entrance fee: not required. Expect to spend IDR20,000,- for the parking fee.

PS: Nо matter what уоur іdеа of the best beach perfection… Explore these Bali’s best beaches next time you visit Bаlі. The island is a treasure trove of mystery and wonder. There is something for everyone to enjoy and discover. Don’t miss our next episode on Maps of Bali series.

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