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11 Easy Ramen Recipes to Try at Home

Looking to make your own ramen? Ranging in flavors from bacon-and-egg to spicy Sriracha to vegetarian miso, these ramen recipes far exceed the limitations of the instant soup version.

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Recipe time….




by Chef Ryan Clift


for 8 to 10 servings


3L water 

800cl cream 

1kg leeks (whites only, finely sliced)

2 white onions (finely sliced)

3 Russet potatoes (peeled, finely sliced)

Salt and pepper 


Add water, cream, and potatoes to the pot and bring to boil until soft

In a separate pan add oil and onions, then add leeks until soft

Pour soft potato mix into pan with onions and leeks, and bring to boil 

Blend in thermomix (or food processor) until smooth

Pass through fine strainer/chinois, before serving



Potato                                 1 pc

Garlic                                   1 clove

Extra virgin Olive oil         10 ml

Rosemary                           3gr

Black peppercorn            3gr

Thyme                                 3gr

Cut potato into cubes (3cmx3cm) cover with olive oil, add garlic, black pepper corn, rosemary, thyme and bay leaf, place on stove in a pot, to around 100ºC, and continue to boil the potato cubes until tender.


Scatter cubes around the bowl (or soup plate), cover with thinly sliced fresh leek (white part only). Garnish with parsley. Finish by pouring over the soup.


Chef Spotlight: RINRIN MARINKA

Rinrin Marinka is a celebrity chef and restaurateur of Mars Kitchen, known for her time as a judge on MasterChef Indonesia and Junior MasterChef Indonesia from 2011. Her energy and love of traditional Indonesian flavours is unparalleled.


Food Tour of Bali

4 Reasons to take a Food Tour of Bali

Food tours are a brilliant way to discover hidden gems, try new menu items and to experience a region. With an overwhelming choice of restaurants to visit, a food tour of Bali let’s you take the guess work out of your stay and ensure yourself an unforgettable culinary experience.


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This simple chilli paste is the goes-with-everything condiment every household needs to bring the spice of Indonesia to your meals.



“Top Rated” Awarded to Bali Food Safari

Viator has awarded Bali Food Safari the “Top Rated on Viator 2016” with five star and superb reviews. One of the leading websites for worldwide tour reservations, Viator hand selects outstanding tours that show excellence in their category.



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Try this essential Lumpia Recipe from the foodies at Bali Food Safari. Who doesn’t love a perfectly crispy, salty, spicy spring roll. This recipe borrows the local secrets to give you the Indonesian spring roll recipe to make this popular dish in your own kitchen.


Restaurant_Seminyak_Bali Food Safari

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Australian food reviewers and publishers, Smudge Eats, recently made their way to Bali to write about the dynamic food-scape of the island. Part of their Flavours of Bali book is our culinary adventure! READ MORE

Chef Spotlight: CUCA, Jimbaran

Cuca Restaurant is a casual sharing experience, located on the Jimbaran coast and serving some of the tastiest and unique dishes in Bali. We spoke to their Chef Kevin to find out more about the magic that happens in the kitchen.


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