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Food Critic Rob Broadfield Joined Us On Bali Food Safari

Recently, Simon Ward, our founder welcomed Rob Broadfield, and Western Australia’s Today Tonight crew on Food Safari.

It was the first time we have a food critic Rob Broadfield joined us on Bali Food Safari. We were quite nervous to hear what he has to say about the food selections on our tour. Rob and Graeme seemed to enjoy the first venue we brought them into. We welcomed them with a special sunset cocktail in our first venue, overlooking Seminyak beach.


10 attractions of bali

10 Must Do Attractions of Bali

The thriving tourism island of Indonesia is rich with adventure, relaxation, food, spirituality and holiday fun for anyone – the smallest province with the biggest heart. Here’s a top list attractions of Bali to capture a part of it all.


nasi goreng recipe bali food safari

Secrets to the Perfect Nasi Goreng Recipe

You can find this dish in every restaurant in Bali. Who doesn’t love the traditional breakfast of Indonesian fried rice, served with all the salty, sweet, spiced flavours of Asia and topped with a sunny-side-up egg.

This recipe borrows the local secrets, make this popular dish from your own kitchen. Your family will love it!


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