“Top-Rated Tour 2016” Awarded to Bali Food Safari

top-rated tour

“Top-Rated Tour 2016” Awarded to Bali Food Safari

The top-rated tour 2016 awarded to Bali Food Safari based on the customer’s satisfaction and high-quality offers that we give to our guests.

Viator hand-selects outstanding tours around the world that show excellence in each category.

We are delighted to have earned the excellent reviews. Getting this top-rated tour award also motivates us to be better at what we are doing. However, it has been our top-commitment to deliver the best dining experience for our guests. We are beyond grateful to accept this honour and eager to sustain this top rate every year.

We work toward maintaining our quality of service on every tour. The whole experience started with the reservation process. Then followed by enjoying the pre-selected venues and menus that match the guests’ preference. The service ends with dropping off our guests in their hotels after the fabulous evening. One fabulous evening in Bali never been so exciting for the food enthusiasts who came on our tour.

We are the devotees of serving excellence, adventure and true culinary discovery for all our guests. You’ll hear the team asking for your feedback on all our activities. Relishing each bite with a strong desire to improve, and also make everything we do a little bit better each time. Bali Food Safari aims to provide tourists with a premium one-night dining adventure for tourists and expats. While at the same time supporting local businesses and non-profit organisations.

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