Bali Street Food Tour: Hawker Hunter

 Bali Street Food Tour: Hawker Hunter




3-4 hrs


AUD $88.00

Street food Bali tour highlights

  • Taste, enjoy and learn about local Balinese food
  • Bali’s best and most delicious local eateries and hawkers
  • A tour along the best street food in Bali
  • Inside knowledge with a private guide
  • Available on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday’s
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I loved this! Highly recommend for any food explorer...
Very informative and such a vast array of local dishes and flavours to taste. – Tamara from Canada

Bali hawker culture

Are you a real foodie, always up for your next food adventure? Our Bali street food tour will guide you through some of the most delicious warungs (local eateries) and Bali hawkers. Together with your Bali Food Safari guide, you will navigate Denpasar’s best and most celebrated hideouts. Thanks to the amazing street food scene you’ll have the chance to dive into the local foodscape as we navigate by foot and car through 5 venues.

Street food Bali at its best

Mouthwatering sate with the best peanut sauce, suckling pig, tropical fresh fruits, nasi goreng like you have never tasted before, delicious chicken soup, traditional beef rendang, fresh fish straight from the grill and so, so much more of the best street food is there to discover on the island of the gods. Bali’s street food is inspired by many of its surrounding islands and of course, there is a selection of the most traditional Balinese dishes. Especially in the capital of the island, Denpasar, you will find the finest Bali hawkers. And the good news is, we selected a great variety of Bali street food that not only fills your tummy, it also gives you great insight into the Balinese (food) culture.

What to expect from our Bali street food tour

The Bali street food tour starts in the morning around 10 am. You will meet your guide in Bali’s capital, Denpasar. Together with your Bali Food Safari guide, you will roam the busy streets in search for Bali’s finest hawkers, most authentic warungs and of course the best street food of Bali. Alternated by car and foot you visit 5 of the best street food places in town. The street food Bali tour will take up to about 4 hours and makes an authentic lunch experience. We recommend you book your food tour at the beginning of your stay on the island. This way, you can use all the great insight our guide provides in picking the most delicious local dishes in the days to come. Our food tour is available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

A Bali Instagram tour for sure!

So, you want to share your food fest with the world? Good to know; our street food tours make an excellent Instagram tour of photogenic spots, people and, of course, dishes. Within 4 hours, you have the opportunity to shoot more mouthwatering dishes and authentic Balinese images than you can post on your Instagram wall in a day. Best of all is that our tour guide provides you with insider tips and knowledge about the best street food which makes a great story to go with your images.

Dietary needs and Bali Food Safari

For all our food tours we are able to accommodate dietary needs. There is only one exception and that is our Bali street food tour. We are very limited with our options regarding the street food tour in providing alternatives for the dishes that don’t suit your dietary needs. If you do wish to join the street food tour with the dietary restrictions that you have, please note that it can happen that you don’t receive the same number of dishes other guests might get. This is, of course, depending on the actual dietary requests you have. Please let us know upon booking which dietary restrictions you have.

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Warung, Hawker, what is the difference? 

In Indonesia, local food is consumed in the warung. A warung is a local restaurant where nearly always only local food is served. Most warungs have their specialties. You will find Warungs with dishes from Sumatra (Padang Padang warungs), warungs that sell traditional Java food or, of course, your traditional Balinese delights. These days there are classier warungs that serve a variety of dishes, however, traditionally you will find the most delicious Indonesian cuisine at these local spots. The difference between a warung and a hawker is that a hawker usually travels around whilst selling his good. A warung is a set restaurant. Indonesia has quite some good hawkers too. Especially for bakso or soto ayam you will find some great hawkers spread out over the island.

Eat like a local: hygiene and safety 

Street food doesn’t necessarily have the best reputation. We all love the taste of local cuisine, but in terms of hygiene and safety it just doesn’t add up to what we are used to back home. Nothing kills the holiday mood more than a Bali belly or food poisoning, we got you there! You can quite quickly determine if a warung has good standards by checking out its visitors. Are there visitors? And especially, are locals eating at the particular restaurant that you want to get into? Although they have different standards, locals also appreciate hygiene and safety quite a bit. Seeing a warung full of locals usually means that the food is fresh, high volumes are sold and the quality is good. During our Bali street food tours, you will visit a variety of hawkers and warungs which are Bali belly proof – we promise. We take you along great local spots that serve fresh food and get you in touch with some of Indonesia’s most delicious local dishes.

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